Founded in 1950,Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute (HRFRI) of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is the oldest fresh-water fishes research institute in China,ever subordinated to the former State Fishery Bureau in 1978 and welfare and foundational application research institute,HRFRI is responsible for the fresh-water fishery development in heilongjiang waters as well as the north areas of China,while it also carries out some important research programs for national fishery development projects.HRFRI is mainly engaged in the researches on fresh-water fishery,especially on cold-water fishery.HRFRI his staff of 130 persons,among whom,the professional technicians are 85 persons including 70 persons with high and medium rank titles.14 persons enjoy the government allowance.4 persons were conferred the title of "Middle-Young Aged Experts" by Ministry of Agriculture and Heilongjiang province,who have made distinguished dedications in their research works.One person won the medal of

"International Labor Day" awarded by Heilongjiang Government.HRFI has several research and supervision departments,including Key Opening Laboratory of Northern Fish Bioengineering Breeding of Ministry of Agriculture,Key Opening Laboratory of Cold-Water Fish Proliferation & Cultivation Biology and Fish Physiology of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences,Laboratory of Heredity & Breeding Studies,Laboratory of Cold-Water Fish Research,Laboratory of Resources & Environments Studies,Fishery Environments & Aquatic Products Monitoring Center of Ministry of Agriculture,and Heilongjiang Station of Fishery Environment.Monitoring Center of Ministry of Agriculture. Since its founding,HRFRI has always enjoyed powerful support from the State Committee of Sciencce & Technology,Ministry of Agriculture,Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and the local governments.Now it has become a modernized researcah institute with advanced instruments and facilities.HRFRI has successfully finished 400 research programs in the fields of the national fund for natural science,the national key tasks in science & technology,the national advanced techniques in high-tech biology and other projects of the ministry and the local governments.It has gained more than 100 awards for technological research progress and had more than 700 papers and 40 monographs published at home and abroad.In 1996,based on its comprehensive abilities in scientific research and development,HRFRI was evaluated as the 24th of"100 National Top Research Institutes"among 1100 ones by Ministry of Agriculture.In 1997,it was appointed as the key institute for reform and development by the former State Committee of Science & Technology. At present,HRFRI is the leading institute in the research fields of fishery bioengineering breeding and cold-water fish in China.It has trained a number of experienced researchers,who can undertake high-level research works.HRFRI will make much greater contribution to fresh-water fishery development in Ch...